Guess what? I have another surprise for you all!

If you follow me on Instagram, you already have seen teasers for this. Boy, do I love a good teaser! But the time has come to reveal that I’ve been working on a secret book that’s the start of a new series with …


You can grab our first book together, Eloise and the Grump Next door on Amazon or free in Kindle Unlimited!

This book is:

  • age gap
  • grumpy sunshine
  • neighbors
  • small town island
  • closed door romantic comedy

I love Jenny as a person and I love her books. She’s been my critique partner for a year and we decided to try our hand at co-writing. I’ve done this once before (love you, Courtney!) and it was a fun whirlwind. I’m not always the easiest person to work with (control freak, anyone?) but after much thought, Jenny and I talked about how this could work and dove in.

The series will follow three sisters (Eloise, Merritt, and Sadie) who inherit their grandmother’s estate on Oakley Island. At least one of them MUST live on the property’s carriage house while renovating the house into a bed and breakfast. Then they can sell and split the profits or keep the place.

Book one is Eloise’s story. The recent college grad meets grumpy lawyer Jake Fieldstone the night before the reading of the will–and let’s just say she doesn’t make a great first impression. She also doesn’t know who he is.

And now… Eloise is staying on the island in one half of the carriage house.

Wanna guess who’s in the second half???

(It’s Jake. Because: this is a romance novel.)

We had the best time writing this book and will have at LEAST three more. Podium Audio will be producing the audiobook and we’ll get you at least two other stories on this small island. Maybe more. You know how those side characters are–always begging for stories!

We hope you love this book! Go grab your copy today!

And here are some of the teasers we’ve been sharing…