Novels featuring billionaire storylines or tropes have been so hot lately!! With so many clean billionaire romance novels, it can be hard to know which ones you should read next. For some ideas, you can read my Clean Billionaire Romance Series post or my Clean Billionaire Romance Standalone Novels post.

But here are my favorite clean billionaire romance novels!

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The Truth about Billionaires – Michelle Pennington

What I loved most about this book was that the female main character was NOT in great need of money. Many of the billionaire storylines involve women who are in dire financial straits and need the help of the billionaire–even if they don’t want it. From the start, Jill and Blake are on more equal footing. She has success and money, so when she is hired as a consultant to work with his company, there isn’t the typical boss/employee relationship either. Her sass and strength draw Blake in, but also make him confused about where they stand. I LOVED the way this story unfolded and it didn’t hurt that it took place in Texas. Did I mention that Blake is a former bronc rider?? 


The Billionaire Bachelor – Judy Corry

This billionaire book rested more heavily on the trope of a second chance romance than the fancy billionaire lifestyle. Kate had always had a huge crush on her brother’s best friend Drew, but after her brother was killed in a car accident, she and Drew stopped speaking. She always assumed he didn’t return her feelings, but there was much more to their shared history and loss. This book had some more depth because of the back story and really did a great job of portraying the love between Drew and Kate as it unfolded.



Her Fake Billionaire Fiance – Bree Livingston

I was drawn to this story because of the unique characters. Alana is a musician who set aside her time at Julliard to be at home and help her father. When she starts working for billionaire and senate-hopeful Steele, sparks fly. While I’m normally not a fan of the fake relationship trope (they just are SO HARD to believe most of the time), I liked the setup here. Steele’s father has a serious chokehold on his life and controls every aspect of it because of a painful secret. Alana becomes the light that helps set him free. (Also– doesn’t that model look a little like Chris Pratt??)


The Billionaire Love Match – by Emma St. Clair

Is it bad to put my own book in here?? With The Billionaire Love Match, my whole goal was to be fresh with some of the billionaire tropes. When Colt meets Casey, she has no idea who he is. She is smart, sassy, and independent and doesn’t care about his wealth or reputation. She’s more afraid that he’s not who he says he is and that she can’t trust the growing feelings between them. Colt is struggling to gain control of his life again from his mother, who is the mogul behind their family’s entertainment empire. But to free himself, he’s got to let her control one more thing: the reality TV show meant to help him find his perfect match. You’ll find yourself surprised along the way, even though there are a lot of common tropes and elements in this novel. Find out if true love stands a chance on reality TV!

The Unwanted Assistant – by Evangeline Kelly

Already from the cover you might realize that this isn’t the typical clean billionaire romance novel! Ivy takes a job working for a reclusive billionaire who was burned in the fire that killed his parents. The book does a great job of weaving faith throughout without being heavy-handed or making everyone perfect. Ivy and Sawyer each have their insecurities, strengths, and weaknesses. I really enjoyed the push and pull of their relationship and watching the way they changed each other. This is a modern re-telling of Beauty and the Beast without being too cliche or stuck in that story. If you’re looking for an inspirational billionaire book, this one will be a perfect read!


The Billionaire’s Secret Marriage – by Tamie Dieren

This book has some of the familiar billionaire storylines–a single mom needing to make ends meet falls for her billionaire boss. Only this boss is blind and struggles with the insecurities that come from his disability. He struggles to feel like he can be loved and she is the only person who brings real calm and peace to his life. To seal a business deal, he agrees to marry a woman who makes Stephanie’s life much more challenging on a daily basis. One trip to Vegas changes everything! There was a lot of heart in this book and I love that this story hits close to the author’s home as her grandson is blind. 


There are a TON of great clean billionaire novels out there, but these are my top choices and recommendations. For more, you can read my post on clean billionaire series and clean billionaire standalone novels!