Find some great recommendations for closed door and clean hockey romances! 

Hockey romance has been on the rise for a few years now with books such as Icebreaker and Elle Kennedy’s Off Campus series taking over TikTok and the bestseller charts.

But this past year (and especially the tail end of 2023) marked the rise of closed door and clean hockey romance! These are books that do not have steamy scenes and generally stop at just kissing or, at most, fade to black when it comes to the bedroom. I will make notes if any of the books also contain mild or any language.

I personally love watching hockey because I’m amazed by the grace and dexterity of such big dudes wearing very heavy pads. It is a fast-paced game that’s so much fun to watch!

When I wrote my first hockey book, I was channeling the Savannah Bananas, writing a book where the social media manager had to wrangle a grumpy new player who wanted nothing to do with TikTok dances. Oh–and he just happened to be her brother’s former best friend and the guy she crushed on all through high school.

If you want to get started on hockey romance, here is a primer on some closed door and clean hockey romcoms and romances you should start with!

graphic with seven hockey book covers and title closed door and clean hockey romance books

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Closed door hockey romcom books

If you’re looking for laughs and witty banter, check out these closed door hockey romcoms that bring the heart and the humor!

Just Don’t Fall by Emma St. Clair 

This is book one of the Sweater Weather series and introduces readers to the Appies, a minor league hockey team nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. It’s a brother’s best friend, fake dating hockey romcom that also has the never been kissed trope.

orange book cover with the title Just Don't Fall

A Groom of One’s Own by Emma St. Clair 

Releasing in early 2024, this is a marriage of convenience hockey romcom following another of the Appies teammates you meet in Just Don’t Fall.

blue cover with man holding hockey stick and title a groom of one's own

Absolutely Not in Love by Jenny Proctor

This is another in the Sweater Weather series and follows Felix, the goaltender of the Appies in a neighbor romance with forced proximity and enemies to lovers vibes that quickly give way to friendship and more with two music lovers.

book cover with title absolutely not in love

Romancing the Grump by Jenny Proctor

You’ll get a grumpy sunshine romcom in this book releasing early 2024, also following the Appies.

green cover with man holding hockey stick and the title romancing the grump

My Phony Valentine by Courtney Walsh

This is the first closed door hockey romance I read, and I really loved this fake dating, small town hockey romcom from Courtney Walsh!

pink book cover with the title my phony valentine

Desire or Defense by Leah Brunner

Meet the DC Eagles! In this book with single mom vibes (it’s actually a woman raising her much younger little brother), you’ll get all the grumpy sunshine, reformed bad boy vibes with therapy rep. (contains mild language)

light blue hockey book titled desire or defense

Flirtation or Faceoff by Leah Brunner

If you want a hockey book with a dating coach, kissing lessons, and enemies to lovers vibes, check out this second in Leah’s series. (contains mild language)

light green book cover for the hockey book flirtation or faceoff

Season’s Schemings by Katie Bailey

In this marriage of convenience, getting-revenge Christmas romcom, you’ll get to see a crossover with Leah Brunner’s DC Eagles!

blue book cover with a couple on it and title seasons schemings

Closed door and clean hockey romance series

Here are a few clean hockey romance series to check out!

Utah Fury series by Britney Mulliner

Check out this completed fourteen-book clean hockey romance series!

image of three hockey romance covers

Palmer City Voltage series by Kerry Evelyn

This series has four main books and two related clean hockey romances for you to read!

image of three hockey book covers

If you’re interested in hockey–or are not sure that you are yet and need some convincing–check out some of these closed door and clean hockey romance books! And look for even more in 2024.