It’s that time of year again! And whether you’re doing a staycation or finding a sunny location, I’ve got a list of clean romantic comedy books to read on spring break!

I mean … is there anything better than a kindle full of ebooks or a crisp new paperback in your travel bag? No. (Though a great romcom plus delicious chocolate–and maybe an iced coffee–is also acceptable.) 

Grab one of these warm and sunny romantic comedies for your spring break adventure! Pick a sweet romcom book that matches your travel destination or choose the destination you’ve been dreaming of. All the books on this list are clean (just kissing) and would fall into the rom-com category!

Let’s get to reading!

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Clean Romantic Comedy Books to Read onSpring Break 2023

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Oakley Island Sweet Rom-Com Series by Emma St. Clair & Jenny Proctor

When their grandmother leaves them her beach estate, sisters Merritt, Sadie, and Eloise have to relocate to oversee the renovations before they can sell the place. They didn’t expect to want to stay … and they definitely didn’t expect to fall in love.

Clean Romcom Book Recommendation Spring Break


Cruiseshipped by Savannah Scott

If I’m going to be stuck with anyone on a cruise full of Midwesterners, at least it’s a hot fireman with that smile I can’t seem to forget.

The Relationtrip by Elana Johnson

Question: What do a reclusive author and an outgoing real estate agent have in common?

Answer: Nothing.

But fate brought them together on a vacation five years ago, and as Logan and Sloane prepare for their annual get-together, there are sparks flying between them.



Love in Bloom by Jenny Proctor

Hating Cameron Hunter shouldn’t be this easy. I’m basically a golden retriever puppy. I love everyone and want everyone to love me. But Cameron is the singular exception to my “love everyone” rule, and the hatred goes both ways.

When we’re both up for a magazine feature about walking tours of Charleston, our rivalry turns into a heated competition.

Dare to Love the Guy Next Door by Ellie Hall

A dating dare? It could turn out to be the perfect match or it could be worse than a slap on a sunburn.

Me, little ol’ Paisley Jones, envisioned glitz and glamour with my movie star fiancé until a humiliating, public scandal explodes in my life like damp confetti. I escape to the family cottage with an ocean view and am not looking for love until a dare and a crazy seagull send me next door.


Pretending at Love by Karen Thornell

Jackson needs a date for a destination wedding. And who can say no to a free Hawaiian vacation? But when he asks his old friend, April, to pretend to be his girlfriend, he never expected to be forced to do every single activity together… from yoga on the beach to kissing for the wedding photos. And pretty soon, those lines between fake and real start to get hazy.


Complex by Kortney Keisel

Tiny Little Lie #1: I want the new resort in Turks and Caicos to open on schedule.

Tiny Little Lie #2: I’m not falling for Luke McKenna.

It sounds bad. But I’m not a bad person. I’m doing the right thing…I think. I’m telling myself I’m a superhero in heels, saving people I care about.

But the grumpy onsite contractor isn’t making things easy. The more I lie and try to stall the hotel opening, the harder he works to complete the project. Did I mention he’s handsome? And moody? And brooding? And my complete opposite in every way?

If the truth about what I’ve done comes out, Luke will never forgive me. Then I’ll have to face another truth: my attraction to him might actually be something more—something worth fighting for.


Suited for Love by Ash Keller

When I inherit beachfront property from a great-aunt I never knew existed, it’s a dream come true. There’s just one problem: my handsome new neighbor has plans to expand his own business—and he needs my building to do it. *This is a novella! 


The Worst Vacation Crush by Kristen Iten

Whoever heard of starting a new job with a mandatory vacation? I didn’t know that was even a thing until it happened to me. But like most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.

I just met my Hawaiian tour guide for the week. He thinks he’s irresistible, and there’s no point in arguing with him because I completely agree. But as I get to know him better, I begin to see that there’s more to him than a pretty face and smokin’ beach body.


Sweet Summer Nights by Anne Kemp

I friend-zoned Wyatt Hogan years ago…But this Fourth of July brings fireworks!

It’s been a few years since I left my hometown, but somehow Lake Lorelei and my closest friend Wyatt have become even more gorgeous.

He’s a fireman now?! That’s going to come in handy with all the sparks flying between us.

Am I 30 Yet? by Jen Atkinson

Not twenty-four hours into her dream trip, Sam meets not only one eligible bachelor, but two. Having given up on men after years of zero suitors, they’re now everywhere—like candy on Halloween, only Sam’s on a diet.

Samantha hasn’t lost sight of her goal though, she makes her case clear… She sets both of her admirers straight. She isn’t interested. She isn’t available… The problem may be convincing herself.


A Summer (Mis)Match by Kaylee Baldwin

He’s an irresistible vet who keeps everyone at a distance. She’s a children’s book author in a small beach town. Their families are archrivals, but the forbidden has never looked so sweet.

What’s in your beach bag? Have you picked up any of these clean romantic comedy books?