Jenny Proctor and Emma St. Clair are teaming up to bring you a whole series of Appies hockey romcoms. Let’s keep that closed door hockey romance era going, shall we?

Some side characters just aren’t satisfied being side characters. They demand stories.
And the hockey players you met in Just Don’t Fall and Absolutely Not in Love 100% require stories of their own. It is a moral imperative.
Here’s what you need to know:
🏒 Jenny and Emma are co-writing the series, but each book will have a single author (we’re also critique partners so you get the dynamic duo stamp on them all)
🏒 Eli and Nathan will be first in A Groom of One’s Own and Romancing the Grump
🏒 These will be closed door romcoms—sticking to the same heat level and content of our other books
🏒 The titles will all be a play on book or movie or pop culture references
🏒 We don’t have final release dates, but it will be sooner than what’s on Amazon
🏒 They will be in KU, paperback, and audio (though audio will likely be released a little later)
They have merch available! And all proceeds–as in ALL–go to International Justice Mission. Order your Appies gear HERE!

All hail the Appies!!!

And if you want matching covers, you can get the Appies Version paperbacks for Just Don’t Fall and Absolutely Not in Love.



He always dreamed of getting married–but for love, not to avoid deportation.

Eli Hopkins has it all–almost. A hockey career with the wildly popular Appies. Teammates who are like brothers. The only thing he’s missing is someone to share it all with.

Oh–and correctly filed visa paperwork.

Due to administrative error, Eli is about to lose everything.

Unless he can find someone to marry him in the next thirty days.

And he might have the perfect woman in mind. The only problem? He’d like to marry her for real, not simply for legal purposes.

Now Eli faces the challenge of winning over a wife who thinks the marriage is in name only …

A Groom of One’s Own is a closed door marriage of convenience hockey romcom with heart and humor, sizzle but NO spice. Perfect for fans of sports romance who want a little less heat.


Nathan Sanders didn’t earn his reputation as the grouchiest player on the Appies minor league hockey team by chance. So when Summer Callahan breezes into his life with her flirtatious smiles and endless charm, he responds like he always does: he completely ignores her.

But Summer is intrigued by the surly center, and she won’t be deterred quite so easily. She’s convinced that the ones with the hardest shells on the outside are often the softest underneath. And she’s determined to prove it.

Jenny and Emma at the Grayson Stadium, home of the Savannah Bananas, the inspiration behind the Appies hockey team. Get your Appies gear HERE!