This sleepy beach island is more small town than tourist trap.

At least, it used to be. But things are shaking up on Sandover Island.

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Sometimes the sea won’t let you go. And the best thing to do is stop fighting and give in.

She never thought the island would be home again. But when Jenna returns to get her late mother’s house ready to sell, her past and future intersect in ways she couldn’t imagine.

She’s already dealing with her mother’s death and her own recent divorce. The last thing she needs is to face off with her high school nemesis. But she can’t seem to avoid Jackson Wells’ smirking and frustratingly attractive face. She doesn’t know why he’s pulling the nice-guy act, but she isn’t buying.

Because if it isn’t an act, Jenna might really be in trouble.

Jackson has loved Jenna for half his life. Too bad she still sees him as the punk he was in high school.

He just wants a chance to show her that he has changed. But every kindness he tosses her way, she lobs back like a grenade. Jackson can see how high she’s built her walls to keep out the pain.

Good thing he’s prepared to scale them. No matter how long it takes.

On a small beach island like Sandover, you can’t ever escape your past. Can Jackson and Jenna forge a new future together?


Love, friendship, and rekindling old flames — all on the quaint beaches of Sandover Island.

Emily is still reeling from her failed modeling career and her wealthy parents’ disappointment in her life choices. A trip to the beach seems like the perfect escape to reflect on her past and plan her next steps.

But her biggest regret just so happens to live on Sandover Island–Jimmy, an old friend whose heart she broke years before. What he doesn’t know that she shattered her heart as well.

When Jimmy’s fire station gets a call for an emergency rescue, the last person he expects to find in danger is his childhood crush, Emily. Seeing her again forces him to confront old wounds even as fresh new feelings begin to bloom. She destroyed his heart once. Can he possibly trust her with it again?


She broke her own rules…you can’t fall in love when you’re on the run.

After rebuilding her life on Sandover Island, Mercer got comfortable. Too comfortable. She started to believe in fresh starts and second chances. And she made the biggest mistake of all: she fell in love.

Beau wants more. The harder he pushes at Mercer’s walls, the stronger they seem to be. She gives him an inch, then steps back a mile. He knows she’s worth the fight, if only she will give him her trust.

Mercer knows it’s only a matter of time until her past catches her. She isn’t safe, not even in Beau’s strong arms. She can’t escape what she left behind and he won’t want her if he knows her secret shame.

Can Beau and Mercer build a future or will the past tear it all down?

You’ll love this Christian romantic suspense! It’s the second in the Sandover Island Sweet Romance Series.


Relationships don’t start with getting a speeding ticket. But what about FAKE relationships?

Ripley shouldn’t have lied to her family about having a boyfriend. But, like the rest of her life, she had things planned out to the tiniest detail, including a fake breakup before Christmas. So, how did she go from getting pulled over to having a very real FAKE boyfriend?

When Cash pulls over a woman for speeding while talking on the phone, he thought he’d hand out a ticket and be done with it. Instead, he got himself roped intobeing her fake boyfriend for the holidays he hates.

Sticking a control freak together with a total scrooge should be a recipe for a Christmas disaster. But somehow, their warring personalities light up the right kind of sparks.

Neither one wants to be the first to admit that this fake relationship has taken on a life of its own. What will happen when it’s time to stop pretending?





These women’s fiction novels take place on the same island, but have more of a focus on family and friendship than the romance. (Though romance is still very central!) You’ll see many of these familiar Sandover faces popping into the stories!