I’ve already shared my favorite clean billionaire romance novels, but if that’s not enough, I dare you to take on this list of clean billionaire romance SERIES. That’s right: whole series of love stories featuring a billionaire.

Side note: Can we talk for a second about how rare billionaires are? Especially the young, hot kind. I’m going to drop some billionaire facts on you before we move onto my list. Bear with me. You might enjoy these!

Fun Facts about Billionaires

  1. In 2018 there were 63 billionaires under the age of 40. There are only nine under the age of 30.
  2. The top way billionaires make their money is investing money. (According to a 2016 survey.)
  3. JK Rowling was the first person to become a billionaire through writing. (I LOVE THIS ONE.)
  4. John D. Rockefeller was the first billionaire.
  5. There are currently about 18 single billionaires.

Okay, so…the truth about billionaires is less fun than what we get in the pages of books, am I right? Let’s suspend reality for a bit and enjoy fictional billionaires, who have a lot more fun, are a lot younger, and seem to be in endless supply. ūüėČ

Love clean billionaire romance books? This post shares the top billionaire romance series you'll want to read NOW!

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 A Clean Billionaire Romance РBree Livingston

There are five books in this series from Bree Livingston, all tied together by simply the fact that they are CLEAN. I’ve read all of them and my favorite two are Her Pretend Billionaire Boyfriend and Her Fake Billionaire Fiance. Both are about (duh) fake relationships, which aren’t always my favorite. But these two had my favorite characters and storylines. You’ll also find a broken football star, a second-chance romance, and a plane crash on a deserted island.

You’ll love this best-selling clean billionaire romance series!



Southern Billionaires – Michelle Pennington

There are three books in this series, one of which made my list of my favorite billionaire romance books. (That would be the Truth about Billionaires, book 2!) I’ve read all three of these and enjoyed them. I feel like Pennington does a great job layering more into her characters than I see in some clean romance novels. As a Southern girl, I also loved the settings! You’ll also read about a billionaire falling for a single mom and a single billionaire dad whose love interest is also the one hurting his resort business.


The Billionaire Surprise Series РEmma St. Clair

This series deals with storylines where there is some element of surprise. In¬†The Billionaire Love Match, that surprise comes as Casey meets and connects with a stranger just before the taping of a reality show. During the first episode, she finds out that the handsome man is actually a billionaire and that she’ll be competing for him with fourteen other women. In¬†The Billionaire Land Baron, Shelby doesn’t realize that Jake, the man renting out the Airstream trailer on her property is a billionaire developer. And neither of them realize (at first) that her property is the last one standing in the way of his newest project. (Releasing September 12th!) These billionaire books have a good mix of humor and heart!

The Billionaire Club – Johanna Evelyn

There are two in this series with a third coming out later in 2018. I’ve read both and they are unique stories, both second chance romances. The first deals with a surprise and memory loss while the second features a really huge past conflict that the main characters have to get over. It was beautiful and painful to read about Anna Lynn trying to win Mark back.






Clean Billionaire Romance – Victorine Lieske

From second chances to fake relationships to billionaire bosses, this series from bestselling author Victorine Lieske has it all! I especially enjoyed reading Her Big Fat Dreamy Billionaire Ex (book 4). It features a lovely destination, rekindling old love, and a meddling, matchmaking granny.






Clean Billionaire Romance – Anne-Marie Meyer

This series has five titles with a variety of storylines. I read Forgetting the Billionaire, which has some incredibly sweet moments as Mitchell comes to see his ailing grandmother and falls for Charlie, who is trying to keep her retirement home afloat. You’ll also find a Christmas romance, a story involving a plane crash, and a billionaire trying to atone for his past mistakes.



This isn’t a full list, but includes books that I’ve actually read so that I can better recommend them! Do you have any favorite clean billionaire romance series that I’ve missed?