Thanks so much for your interest in joining my launch team! Having great people like YOU really helps my books succeed and find new readers.


You’ll receive emails from me when my next books are about to launch. I’ll be sure there is an opt-in for each book so you won’t get tons of emails if you aren’t able to help at that time. You’ll always get another chance to help launch the next book!


My HOPE is that you would read the book and leave an honest review. (If you don’t feel like you could leave a 4-5 star review, I’d prefer that you email me and give me feedback! I take that to heart as an author.) These reviews are especially helpful the week of launching, but I’ll take them as soon as you can leave them.

Though you will receive a free advance copy, an extra cherry on top would be if you were to actually purchase the book. This makes your review verified, which means that it carries more weight with Amazon. I’ll be sure I share with you if the book will be on sale and when. ūüôā

I would also love to have you share my books with your friends, families, co-workers, or anyone else you think would enjoy! You can do this on social media, through email, or in real life.

If at any time you don’t think you could read the book, leave a review, and share with others, it’s okay to leave the launch team! You can email me to let me know or check the bottom of the email to see if there is a link to leave the team.

Because of Amazon’s terms of service, I cannot pay you, give out gifts or gift cards, or any other incentives for reviews. But you DO have my very sincere thank you!!!


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