Want a list of the best clean Christmas romance books in one place? Here you go!

Christmas brings with it the music. The family. The food. For many, the faith.

It also brings with it Hallmark movies galore!

But I’ve started finding that there are fantastic Christmas romance books that really help set the mood!!

Romance? Check.

No hanky panky? Check.

Heartwarming and inspirational stories? CHECK CHECK CHECK!

If you’re looking for clean Christmas romances, this list is for you!


Sandover Beach Christmas by Emma St. Clair

Sandover Beach Christmas (Sandover Island Sweet Romance Book 4) by [Emma St. Clair]

A cranky cop who’s sworn off relationships, an event planner who invented a fake boyfriend, and the over-the-top family that thinks it’s love.

When Ripley fabricates a boyfriend to put off her family’s overzealous matchmaking efforts, she never thought it would go so far. But when she gets pulled over for speeding, the police officer gets caught up in her fake boyfriend scheme.

Cash has good reasons for swearing off the holidays and relationships. But his plans to spend Christmas alone are thwarted when he’s mistaken for an event planner he secretly admired from afar. The time spent with Ripley and her family starts to thaw his frozen heart.

Sticking a control freak with a total Scrooge should be a recipe for a Christmas disaster. But somehow, their warring personalities light up the right kind of sparks.

What will happen when Christmas ends, and it’s time to stop pretending?



Rescued for Christmas by Tamie Dearen

Sometimes, the only way to find the road home is to get lost!

Bestselling author Amy Pinkerton is trying to escape her sudden fame and find a writing retreat for the holidays. But everything goes wrong when she gets lost on the back roads of Montana in a snowstorm. Just her luck, her rental car hits a patch of ice and skids off the road. She’s praying she can survive the night inside her car, when a man appears at her window. A man who looks exactly like her book hero!

Country music star Max McCoy hasn’t sung since his wife died. He stays on his ranch and takes care of his nine-year-old daughter. He’s isolated and he likes it that way. Until a magazine article names him “one of the country’s most eligible bachelors” and reveals the location of his ranch. Now crazed females keep showing up at his door, hoping to snag a husband.

When Max finds one of those intrusive fans stranded on his private road in the middle of a snowstorm, he has no choice but to offer her shelter. He’s shocked when Amy doesn’t seem recognize him. Could it be true, or is it all an act? Soon, Amy wins his daughter’s heart, but Max’s heart is completely dead. Or is it?

Will Max open himself to love again? Does he really know Amy well enough to trust her?
Amy’s agent has already bought her a ring. Will she settle for a safe relationship or take a chance on a man she’s only known for a week?



Sawdust and Mistletoe by Michelle Pennington

Can mistletoe kisses make her believe again?

By December first, Ava Grisham is already sick of Christmas. Unfortunately, she has to survive decorating for her boss’s wealthy clients so she can afford to quit after New Year’s. Everything is on track for her to start her own design company until she hires a new handyman and all her meticulous plans fall apart. Not only is her future business in danger, but so is her heart. Hunter is talented, strong, and charming, but falling for such a free-and-easy man will only lead to heartbreak.

Hunter Newman loves his single life with no responsibilities, but he’s always there for his family. When his brother loses his job, he drives across the country to help however he can. Then he meets Ava and realizes his brother isn’t the only one who needs help. Ava captivates him with her determination and warm heart, but she’s lost the joy of Christmas. He’s determined to put the sparkle back in her eyes, even if it means risking his heart.

Somewhere between the twinkle lights and candy canes, they’ll discover the magic of the season. But can they find a way to be together?



A Christmas Like This by Carina Taylor

I know exactly what I’d like to put in Trey’s stocking: the biggest lump of coal I can carry.

Unfortunately, I won’t get the chance, because our boss has delivered an ultimatum: plan the company Christmas party with Trey and learn to get along, or else.

After only one day of trying to plan the Christmas party, I’m ready to pick the “or else.” Is it possible to learn to get along with the most aggravating, overprotective, handsome guy I’ve ever known?

We’re about to find out if we can get our names off the naughty list or not.


No Room in the Inn by Gracie Ruth Anderson

My Granny leaves me two things when she passes away: her dilapidated old inn and a letter encouraging me to have a Hallmark-worthy Christmas here in Woodfield.

But I’ve seen enough Hallmark movies to know this isn’t one. Because the inns in Hallmark movies? They don’t have squatters. The heroines of Hallmark movies? They never burn their gingerbread cookies. And even though all Hallmark films are about the joy of family, I’d rather stick my head in a snowbank than reconcile with my parents. Nope; Granny’s last requests are going to have to go unfulfilled.

And the town Santa Claus, who’s way younger and way more attractive than any Santa should be? He’s going to have to stop his flirting. Otherwise, I’ll never want to leave this place.



Her Christmas Rodeo Cowboy by Jenna Hendricks 

Her Christmas Rodeo Cowboy: Clean & Wholesome Christmas Cowboy Romance (Big Sky Christmas Book 2) by [Jenna Hendricks, J.L. Hendricks]

After Lottie’s husband died riding a bull on national television, she swore she’d never be with a rodeo star again.

Now, seven years later, her promise is going to come back and bite her in the figgy pudding. If only her daughter, Quinn, didn’t love a certain cowboy so much.

Cove promised his best friend he would look after his wife and daughter after he died, but he didn’t think that Sam meant for Cove to fall in love with Lottie.

When 8-year-old Quinn asks Santa for a Daddy, no one is ready for what comes next.

Can a rodeo star help the widow of a bull rider love again?





December Magic by Tracey Mayhew 

December Magic (A sweet, Christmas novella) by [Tracey Mayhew]A single girl not looking for love. A single father too busy for love. Could their chance meeting be the start of something magical?

With Christmas fast approaching, Kayla Jones is preparing for another cold, and lonely, December.

But a lost little girl and her father soon change all that and, with them by her side, Kayla finds herself rediscovering the magic of the season…








Garland’s Christmas Romance by Danielle Thorne 

Garland's Christmas Romance: A Clean & Wholesome Christmas Romance by [Danielle Thorne]

A Peter Pan-inspired fairy tale romance!

A charming small town.  A secret obligation. And the girl of his dreams can never know the truth.

Garland Tate has a name that reminds her every day she lives in the Christmas-obsessed town of Thorpes. The holidays mean family time, and since her mother’s terminal illness, that’s something she wants to avoid.

The adopted heir of a wealthy Victorian-age family, Pete Darling anonymously distributes the family money to remaining relatives in need. He’s delighted to find the holiday spirit alive and well in magical Thorpes, but he never expects the sassy, independent woman at the Lava Java will distract him from his duties and give him a reason to reveal his secrets.

As snow falls and hearts melt, it may take a little extra magic meddling to help Garland and Pete believe that a Christmas romance can last forever.



A Horse Wrangler for Christmas by Cheryl Wright 

A Horse Wrangler for Christmas (Spinster Mail-Order Brides Book 30) by [Cheryl Wright, V. McKevitt]After the sudden death of her father, and the shock foreclosure of the family ranch looming, Meredith Caldwell has little choice except to become a mail-order bride.

Daniel Peterson needs a cook and housekeeper, but proprieties govern his decision to send for a mail-order bride instead. How will he react when he learns the truth about his bride?

Can this unlikely couple turn their marriage of convenience into a perfect match? Sparks fly, but will they relent and work toward their happy ever after ending?




The Gift of a Child by Dona K. Weaver 

The Gift of a Child (The Gift Series, #1) by [Donna K. Weaver]Recently widowed Rae Cavanaugh just survived the worst birthday of her life. She and her two young children must now face a holiday season filled with so many reminders of what they’ve lost. But when a coworker who’s raising his young nephew moves next door, Rae discovers that the support of a good friend, and the gift of a child, can bring back some of the joy of the season.








The Stand- in Christmas Date by Rachel John 

The Stand-in Christmas Date (Matched by Mistake Book 1) by [Rachel John]She’s totally smitten. Too bad he thinks she’s someone else.

Alyssa Owens is used to getting talked into crazy things by her lookalike cousin, but pretending to be her so she doesn’t have to break a date is ridiculous. Reluctantly, she agrees to the scheme—spend twenty minutes with the guy, wear sunglasses to maintain the ruse, make sure he believes she’s interested so her cousin can have him back when she returns to town after New Year’s, then make an excuse to leave. At least, that was the plan.

It doesn’t take Wes Fielding long to figure out that this isn’t the same girl he met at a speed dating event. After all, as a cop, he’s trained to study faces. But if this isn’t her, who is it, and why does she have to be so funny and easy to talk to? To unravel the mystery, he decides to play along, but the more he gets to know her, the harder it is not to wish for a happy ending rather than the humiliating one they now face.




Boots and Mistletoe by Edith Mackenzie 

Boots and Mistletoe: Cowboy Christmas: a clean and wholesome Christmas novel (Mistletoe Collection Book 1) by [Edith MacKenzie]Cowboy boots, mistletoe, and a holiday do-over…

Last Christmas, nothing was going Quinn’s way. Then she met him. Their connection was intense, but the timing was all wrong—so they went their separate ways. But this year, everything in her life is better. Well, almost everything. Somewhere along the line, she lost her holiday spirit. Could it be that she left it with the handsome cowboy she never quite got over?

Jackson wasn’t looking for romance when he met Quinn. But there was something about her that grabbed his heart and wouldn’t let go. Now that they’re together again, he can’t help but wonder if she’d ever be willing to give up the bright lights of the city for country life with a simple rancher like him…

As stockings are hung and trees are trimmed, can Quinn and Jackson find a way to claim their second chance at happily ever after? Or will the magic of the season fail them yet again?




Holding Onto Love in Romance by Liwen Y. Ho

Holding Onto Love in Romance (Christmas in Romance Book 3) by [Liwen Y. Ho]

She’s a small town inn owner learning how to trust. He’s a big time singer struggling to protect the woman he loves. Together, they must fight to keep their romance alive.

Being engaged to America’s hottest pop star brings Izzy Sutton’s insecurities to the surface, making her question if she can handle life in the public eye. Complications multiply when her ex shows up on her doorstep two weeks before the wedding, with nowhere to live.

Through hard work and determination, Chase Lockhart climbed the Top 40 charts and won the hand of the only woman he’s ever loved. Helping Izzy overcome her cold feet, however, proves to be more challenging than expected, especially when he’s away on tour days before their wedding.

With their Christmas Eve wedding fast approaching, Izzy and Chase face the biggest decision of their relationship. Will they allow their circumstances to divide them or will they find enough reasons to keep holding onto love?

Holding Onto Love in Romance is the sequel to Chasing Romance, but can be read as a standalone story.



When Love Leads You Home by Carla Rossi 

When Love Leads You Home: A funny, sweet, and uplifting Christmas Romance (Cardinal Point Romance Book 1) by [Carla Rossi, Jami Crumpton]

Welcome to Cardinal Point, Texas.

Where the broken find comfort, the prodigals find peace, and the wanderers find home.

All Jacey Steele’s life, she’s focused on one thing: gymnastics. After missing the Olympic team because of injury, and being shut out by her ‘winning is everything’ father, she’s built a career as a top notch, award-winning coach. When a serious student injury propels her to the outside of the gymnastics world, she finds herself broke and alone – until a bequest from a mysterious and unknown aunt takes her on an unexpected journey. Who was Aunt Winnie, and what does the equally mysterious and unknown Mr. Boudreaux have to do with it?
Army veteran, Cole Boudreaux, has returned home a hero to Cardinal Point, Texas, but a few things went wrong with his homecoming. His fiancée cut him loose, and he lost his position as a police officer because a wartime injury left him nearly deaf. Then, the woman who was like a mother to him dies suddenly. Cole knows God has a plan, and if he could settle Winnie’s estate and grow his budding security business, he just might figure out what it is. Winnie’s niece is not making it easy. She’s rolled into town with a ton of baggage and secrets she’s not willing to share. Why is Jacey so distant, and why is she so determined to not let him in?


A Movie Star for Christmas by Jess Mastorakos 

A Movie Star for Christmas: A Sweet Holiday Romance (Christmas in Snow Hill Book 1) by [Jess Mastorakos]

Holly Rhodes is in Snow Hill, PA to star in the movie of her dreams. She’s always treasured the magic of the holidays, so she’s not surprised to fall in love with this charming town—or the handsome owner of the inn. Even if he is a bit of a Scrooge.

Nick Patterson is determined not to fall for another starlet passing through town. He’s been there, done that, and has the emotional scars to prove it. Besides, he doesn’t need any distractions while he works around the clock to bring the town’s forty-fifth annual Gingerbread Ball to life.

Can the slow burn between Holly and Nick ignite into a lasting love, or will it fizzle out with the yule logs at the end of the season?




A Match of Sorts by Lucette Nell 

A Match of Sorts: An Historical Christmas Romance (Christmas Holiday Extravaganza) by [Lucette Nell]As Christmas approaches, widowed Reverend Caleb Brennan needs a wife, or his vengeful father-in-law will take his young daughters. When his mail-order bride jilts him, Caleb grows desperate.


During a storm, he finds an unconscious boy outside his home with signs of foul play. Despite his previous misfortune, obligation compels Caleb to lug the stranger inside. But as he provides first aid, he discovers more than he expected.


Bounty hunter Grace Blackwell refuses to owe a debt to any man, especially one as charming as Reverend Brennan. To repay him for saving her life, Grace agrees to pose as his mail-order bride. If their ploy is discovered, Caleb could lose his daughters. But in their pretense, the reverend and the bounty hunter might just both lose their hearts.




First & Last Christmas Date by Jennifer Griffith 

First & Last Christmas Date: A Legally in Love Romance by [Jennifer Griffith]

Juliet was always Taggart’s friend. Their first disastrous Christmas date ended that. Ten years later, a second date could make them more than friends—unless the crazy date curse returns.

Juliet’s life is in a holding pattern of dating wrong guy after wrong guy. When childhood friend Taggart messages to ask for second date—after a ten-year wait—she gets a holiday shakeup.

Their first Christmas date a decade ago was an unmitigated disaster, ending with Pepto-Bismol and the police. They both probably needed the full ten years to recover.

Now that he’s back in touch, Juliet must decide whether she will say yes. If this is just a one-time thing, she risks carrying a torch for him for another decade.

Juliet is desperate for a second chance with Taggart, the one who got away.

But when things start going horribly wrong again, will this madcap night be their last Christmas date?



Love and Christmas Wishes by Rose Pearson 

Love and Christmas Wishes: Three Regency Romance Novellas by [Rose Pearson]

Three sweet Regency romance novellas set during the Christmas holidays…

Two sisters, Katie and Jane, and their impoverished cousin and companion, Sarah, struggle with life’s constraints and difficulties to find love and happiness, despite their mother’s wishes. Won’t you join them? They need your support!









A Thrill of Hope by Marie Higgins 

A Thrill of Hope (Christmas Sisters' Series Book 1) by [Marie Higgins, Lynda Floyd]Holly Kidman is determined to be the best movie-producer California has ever seen…until her mother’s broken leg ruins Holly’s plans and she must return home for the holidays. During her stay in her home town of Timberland, Montana, fate throws her with a man she’d rather not be around. And yet, once she can get past old grudges, she realizes the charming man and his large ranch inspire her more than she thought possible. Dare she hope for her dream-come-true?

Rafe Montgomery is pleasantly surprised when Holly suddenly returns to town. Still haunted by the one, less than eloquent, kiss they’d shared years ago, he’s disappointed by the haughty attitude she’s come back with. His hope is to change the stubborn and unforgiving woman he’s slowly having feelings for and to show her what Christmas is all about.





Christmas Wishes by Tammy L. Grace 

Christmas Wishes (Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge Book 3) by [Tammy L. Grace, Ev Bishop, Violet Howe, Judith Keim, Tess Thompson]

Random circumstances brought them together. Love made them family. With Jo O’Malley’s busy career as a lawyer in Chicago, she rarely gets home to Idaho, but this year is different.

Her little sister is getting married on Christmas Eve and she has two whole weeks to spend in the snow-covered mountains, with the three foster sisters she loves and Maddie, the woman who made them a family fifteen years ago.

Things get off to a rough start when the wedding is canceled, but Maddie asks them to enjoy their holidays together at the festive lodge as planned, in order to console their sister. It’s straight forward enough until Jo, through a chance encounter with a gorgeous golden retriever, runs into Luke, a boy she knew from her early childhood when she spent all her time at the local library.

Jo’s not sure how to handle the unexpected attraction and her new feelings for Luke, who is all grown up now, handsome, and as kind as ever. He’s set on staying close to his family in Granite Ridge and she has a plane ticket back to her life in Chicago after the new year. Are the sparks between them merely due to the nostalgia of the season, or will Luke open Jo’s heart to the prospect of passion for something beyond her career?


The Christmas Window by Melissa McClone 

The Christmas Window: A Small-Town Holiday Romance by [Melissa McClone]A matchmaking aunt wants her nephew to find love under the mistletoe…

All doggy daycare owner Callie Andrews wants for Christmas is to win first prize this year. The annual window display competition is a huge event in Silver Falls, and she’s determined to showcase her success when her family visits her small town. It’s time for her parents and three older brothers to realize the “baby” of the family is thriving on her own.

The last thing Brandt Winslow wants to do is rehash the past, but returning home to Silver Falls means confronting the reason he left. His vacation, however, takes an unexpected turn when his well-meaning aunt meddles in his love life, and he finds himself caught up in her misguided efforts at matchmaking.

Despite their reluctance at being paired up, Callie and Brandt discover the holidays are full of surprises…and romance. But is the magic of Christmas strong enough to keep the couple together through the new year?


The Christmas Key to Her Heart by Jen Peters 

The Christmas Key to Her Heart: A McCormick's Creek Sweet Romance by [Jen Peters]

After fifteen years as a widow, is it Nora’s turn for love?

Nora Cooper has spent long years running her restaurant, raising her kids, and keeping a lock on her heart. Now she’s tired—especially with Christmas coming and trying to pull her son’s wedding together in four short weeks. She can’t help but wonder how empty her life will be with the kids moving on.

When retired CEO Forrest Holt visits McCormick’s Creek, Oregon, something about the small town charms him. He’s entranced with the way strangers are welcomed, with the way townspeople pull together, and especially with the way Nora Cooper lights up a forgotten feeling inside him. But he’s used to love ‘em and leave ‘em relationships, and she’s not that type.

As her son’s Christmas wedding draws ever nearer, Nora’s life becomes a flurry of activities after long days of work. Can she make time for Forrest, who is beginning to open her heart? And is he willing to risk himself and commit to more than a fling?


Residence of Her Heart by Susan Lower 

Residence of Her Heart (Hearts of Hidden Hills Book 1) by [Susan Lower]

She’s trying to hold on to the home and the ghost of a man who will never give her a future. He needs to close this house deal before the end of the year to stay in business. Who will get what they’re wishing for before Christmas?

After a devastating accident leaves Violet without a groom. The holiday season makes it harder for her to let go of old memories and the place they reside. Despite his attempts to sell the house, Violet finds herself falling for the persistent real estate agent. All Seth wants is to sell this house and keep from drowning in debt. So when the opportunity to make an extra commission comes across his desk, Seth can’t pass it up. But when he meets the woman living in the house, he recognizes her grief and decides on an alternative approach. Although he is determined never to trust another woman again, something about Violet has his apprehension dissolving. As Seth tries to help Violet find a new home, he realizes all the grieving woman needs is someone to care. Seth worries his faith won’t be strong enough to overcome both their struggles and soon finds a place in his heart for Violet.

They say home is where the heart is, but can Seth help Violet restore her faith and take a chance without his past getting in the way?



Cowboys & Mistletoe by Jacqueline Winters 

Cowboys & Mistletoe: A Sweet Small Town Western Romance (Starlight Cowboys Book 5) by [Jacqueline Winters]

A ranch manager in need of a miracle. The Army soldier seeking solace at the ranch from his past. The Christmas project that might give them more than expected.

Holly Maxwell is running out of time to turn things around on the ranch. Christmas—her deadline—is two weeks away. It’s the only reason she gambles and takes on the massive Christmas Eve project she doesn’t have the time nor manpower to accomplish.

When help arrives in the form of the man she used to crush on as a teen, Holly is determined not to let feelings get involved. After all, she’s not fourteen anymore, and he’s not staying.

Sergeant First Class Mason Montgomery is desperate to kick his insomnia to the curb so he can be cleared for duty. He returns to Starlight, to the ranch he used to work on as a teenager. What he doesn’t expect is to find Lawrence Maxwell’s granddaughter all grown up and managing the ranch.

The more time he spends with Holly, the more he starts to develop feelings he vowed he’d never allow himself to have about anyone, let alone the off-limits granddaughter of his former boss.


Decker & Joy by Elle Rush 

Decker and Joy: North Pole Unlimited 1 by [Elle Rush]He was looking for a missing elf, not a date with the kitten foster-mom who may have helped it disappear.

Somebody messed up and let a prototype escape from North Pole Unlimited’s top secret Toys-and-Research division. Now P.I. Decker Harkness has the contract to track it down. He’s not exactly sure what E.L.V.I.S does, but he’s hot on the trail.

Joy McCall has her hands full of foster animals and pet treats at Kitten Caboodle, but she’s not too busy to notice strange goings-on at the pet shelter where she works.

When their paths cross during a triple kitten-napping, Decker and Joy will have to work together to close their cases. Will everyone make it home to celebrate a merry Christmas together? Only Santa knows.




A Small Town Christmas by April Murdock 

A Small Town Christmas by [April Murdock, River Ford, Laynie Bynum, Sheri Richey, Karly Stratford, Audrey Rich, Rachel Meyers, Mel Walker, Macie St.James]Enchanted Quill Press are delighted to present the small-town Christmas romance boxset.

This heart-warming collection is filled with bold heroes, spirited heroines and swoon-worthy kisses. All set in a beautiful small-town packed with memorable friends and family.

Christmas cookie-making, ice-skating over a frozen lake, peppermint hot chocolate and all your favorite holiday tropes make this anthology perfect for every Hallmark fan.






What are your favorite clean Christmas romances?? Did I miss any? Leave them in the comments!

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