His painful past and her uncertain future come to a head in this modern-day Cinderella story.

Billionaire Xander Callahan certainly seems to have it all: more money than he could spend, a flourishing company, and women lined up to date him. But he has spent years closing himself off from real happiness because of a painful secret in his past. When a mystery woman captures his attention at his masquerade gala, Xander begins to think about opening himself to love again. Until she disappears before he gets her name.

After Cynder Glass loses her father, she also says goodbye to her dream of running the family event-planning company. Stuck slaving under her ladder-climbing stepmother, Cynder struggles to preserve the legacy her father left behind. When she sneaks into the masquerade gala she helped plan, Cynder doesn’t expect to be swept off her feet–by none other than her billionaire client. But if her stepmother finds out that she attended the gala, she will lose her job and her chance to keep the company afloat.

When his past and her identity are revealed, is there any chance for a happy ending?