Subscription models are the new black. You can get your TV shows on subscription. Mail. Art classes. News articles. It seems that these days, EVERYTHING is running a subscription model. Authors are no different! Find out more about the Emma St. Clair subscription… 

Generally speaking, I (Emma) release books several times a year. Right now, that’s around 3-4 books a year, give or take a novella or coauthored book.

But I am ALWAYS writing other things. Secret things. Things that may not release anytime soon while I work to finish series.

And now … you can have a chance to not only KNOW about those things, but to read them early.

Let me ask you a few questions.

Have you been wanting to read about second generation Love Clichés stories–books about Abby & the gang’s KIDS?

Have you been eagerly awaiting the rewrites of my Hometown Heartthrobs books? 

Have you ever wished you could get special monthly swag or a signed copy of every Emma book? 

Have you ever wished you could read ARCs of Emma books but you’re not on the advance reader team? 

Would you like to call yourself a Sheeter?


I am launching a new monthly subscription with early & exclusive Emma stories!!!!

You’ve probably heard of Patreon–this is similar but on a new platform called Ream, designed FOR authors and BY authors with a better ability to read (and adjust font sizes, etc) and has a built-in private community like a facebook group.


Before I send you over to see all the fun, lemme talk a little about the WHY and the WHAT.

(But okay, fine, if you’re like me and want to just see stuff NOW, you can click here to go check it out.) 

Having a subscription model allows YOU to:

  • Get to read chapters EARLY
  • Read along as I write
  • Comment on the chapters with things you love (or things you have questions about)
  • Engage in a private community with Emma + other readers
  • There are also other swag levels that come with monthly stickers, signed paperbacks, and the ability to get ARCs of full-length books.

Having a subscription model allows ME to:

  • Devote time and prioritize stories that are otherwise on the back burner
  • Build community & connect more with fans
  • Start to build independently of retailers

Right now… there are three things waiting for you already.

  • The first chapter of the Love Clichés second gen novel featuring Ella (Zoey & Gavin’s daughter) and Jasper. (New chapters arrive on the 1st of every month.)
  • The first chapter of Upping the Ante, a Sheet Cake novella that will likely release next month NOT on amazon but as an email freebie. (You’ll get the whole thing early, but right now, it’s just the start.) 
  • The first chapter of the newly updated Hometown Heartthrobs featuring Sy and Amy. (New chapters arrive on the 15th of every month!) 


Becoming a Sheeter isn’t going to be for every Emma reader, and that’s OKAY!

I still love you, and you can still be a SUPERFAN even if this isn’t for you.

Here’s a little more on my WHY of doing this.

Unlike Kindle Unlimited, which provides you a large QUANTITY of books for a low price, subscriptions for authors are more about exclusivity and unique, special things.

This is kind of like the difference between an all you can eat buffet (which, let’s face it, I LOVE), and sitting at the chef’s table, watching the chef cook and getting to talk about the food (which I also LOVE). 

It’s about exclusivity and the experience.

If you sit at my chef’s table, you’ll get to read Emma projects early and as they are written with the ability to comment on the chapters and engage with me and other Sheeters.

This allows me to do special, extra things outside of just publishing books on Amazon.

While these are all stories I’m already working on, launching a subscription means I can prioritize them and get them done faster.

It also helps to build relationships with readers outside of books, which is something I REALLY value. 

I want a career as an author. Which means I need to look at the long-term of things and how to build relationships with readers and also build outside of just Amazon.

Right now, I’m not leaving KU.

(Though a lot of authors are because of changes and instability over at Amazon this year.) 

But I am looking forward and considering how I can continue to connect with fans and create a body of work we both love and get to enjoy.

Happy to answer any questions you have! I’ve got some FAQs on the page, but you can also hit reply and ask. 🙂

Want to be a Sheeter and sit at my chef’s table?

Head over to Ream and check it out!!!


What IS Ream?

Think of it like Patreon but designed FOR authors BY authors. This means the reading experience will be better, and the features are those authors & readers both will enjoy!

Where can I read the exclusive chapters?

Reading will be right here on Ream or in the Ream app.

When will the exclusive content be released?

The Love Clichés Second Generation chapter will be available on the 1st of the month and the Hometown Heartthrobs on the 15th.

How do I comment?

When you are reading exclusive stories in Ream, you’ll see an option to leave comments on each chapter.

What should I comment?

You don’t HAVE to if you don’t want to! Though these will be early, unproofed drafts of my books, you aren’t being tasked with proofreading or beta reading. Instead, comment on things you like and what you’re curious about or what you hope to see. Other subscribers can also see your comments and respond. This is similar to the models like Kindle Vella or Wattpad where readers can comment and give thoughts or feedback.

When the exclusive books are done, will subscribers receive them for free?

When subscriber-exclusive content is complete and packaged as an ebook, all current subscribers will receive the full ebook via bookfunnel. (You must be subscribed for at least one month at the time of completion and will receive only the ebooks for the books at your tier.)

Can the paperback tiers be shipped internationally?

Not at this time. Costs vary too widely and make it prohibitive to me. I’m sorry!!! I really hate that this is the case with shipping.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! You can cancel at any time. Currently, when you cancel, you will lose access IMMEDIATELY to all content. So you might want to cancel just before the next billing cycle starts.

Will these exclusive chapters be published elsewhere?

When the books I’m working on inside of Ream are completed, they will likely be published like my other books, which are currently in ebook, paperback, and audiobook. Until they’re completed, access will only be here, for subscribers.

How is this different from Kindle Unlimited?

It’s like comparing the value buffet to a chef’s tasting menu. KU is about quantity: a single subscription allows you to read across any authors included. What I’m creating here is an exclusive experience for readers and fans who want more Emma–both in terms of access to me and access to early writing that NO ONE else sees. It’s allowing my readers to pull up a chair to the table and watch me cook while we talk about the meal. This isn’t for everyone, and I appreciate all my readers, whether they choose to join me here or not. 🙂